jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

Today, we talk about the cook food.

Yesterday, I talk with my friend Laura about to get pass the exam TOEIC with a score of 650 points.  She telt to me that she went to Wall Street Institute, for get pass this exam.

This afternoon I went to the Wall Street Institute, I wanted to know how much cost it, how long it, how to teach..... and after I talked with the teacher thats show me english in the Universidad Popular and she telt me there are two more academies in Cartagena more cheapier.

Also like Wall Street, she suggested me:

-- You must study all the days.

At last, when I got home from the Universidad Popular,  I see again a video what Gerardo, a good friend,  put in my facebook. the hidden message in the video tell that if you want win , you must be pride of yourself. and never surrender.

El tomate volador

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