martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

A visit to Cehegin

 It all started by a post in a blog what I usually read somedays, it's called " los pies en la tierra". In this blog there are a post  that talk about a wildlife reserve in Cehegin a litle town in the north west of the Region de Murcia.  I read it and I wanted to visit this reserve, then  i teold my friends and we decided to visit it.

 This reserve is called Coto de las Maravillas. When we arrived,  we was susprised to see all the trees was green, after  the first rains since a year and half  of drought.

We walked along the path, between the trees,  listening the silence of the forest.

 In some places, there are banners like this which explain that you can watch in this reserve.
 Here is a photo of a footprint of a hart
  Here is a photo of a footprint of a badger.
  Here is a photo of a trail of  footprints of a hart in a dry creek.

 When we was in the top of the little hills, we look around and taht we saw was green and we liked because we from a desert country.
 Near of a path, we swa this tree, it was peeled because of harts rub their antlers against the trunks of the little trees to clean their antlers.
 Here, we saw a little house, It is abandoned refuge of rangers.
 Near of the Coto, there is abandoned mine of iron.
 After I visited Cehegin, I thinked what this town looks like Granada, but I was more surprised by one thing, It was always very clean,  more cleanest than Cartagena or Murcia.
 Here is a photo of a little sanctuary of the mother of Jesuschrist
 In this town, there are a great number of old houses of the century XV to XVII

 We ate a delicious food in a little tavern called La bodeguica. I recommend its cookery and the  good wine of Cañada de Canara that win several international awards.

 After we ate, we walked along the other part of the town what lacked vistit.

 When we came back to Cartagena, we brought the rain with us, and there was a flood in my city.

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