lunes, 13 de octubre de 2014

About a friend who write poetry.

A long time ago, in the planet Earth when Facebook was used for  meet people, not for play to Angry Birds, Farmville, or  anothers flash games.

At the time, un young and intellegent man  who meet people with  the same tastes, he used Facebook and he  met me.

We met us in a pub called " la Trainera", and we  talked about the comics, rol play games sci-fi and fantasy films. One day, he talked to me that he was a little poet, in his own word ( he said me in english) " a minor poet", then I thinked  this boy is very peculiar.

Our friendship was flowing, we talked about our tastes, until that a day that we went to cafe Ficciones to watch a poetry recital, in this moment I had a bad season, then I discovered the poetry like a therapy to  heal my soul.

From this day, I bought a poetry books of  poet that I listen in the cafe Ficciones, I wrote a poems in my blog, (this blog, ok).

From the meetings in cafe Ficciones, we went to the meetings with  Luis, el Lute and Gines, in  La Cañica, a pub in Los Dolores. In this meetings, we talk about clasical history, mobile technology, comics, books, ...this meetings was a like an intelectual paradise for me.

This friend that I write about him, he is called Jose Alfonso Perez Martinez, he is a kind, peculiar ( :) ) intelligent and clever person,  also he write a highly recommended blog called " por estar contigo".

Pepe, see you. ( nos vemos) when we want and can us.

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