jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

Don Juan Tenorio in the theater Romea

Yesterday by the night,  I went with MJ to wath a play in the theater, this play is very famous, this play isDon Juan Tenorio.

Don Juan Tenorio is a rol very famous but I found thi rol like a bad people, never someone to look. For this reasons:

At the begin of the play he bit to his father, he kill two persons and  he presumes to kill many people, to trick many woman and to steal  money.

I don't like Don Juan.

The principal actor became a Don Juan  very well.

. I recommend to watch this play.

martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

Dracula, the last film

Yesterday, I went to the cinema. I watch Dracula, this film is a mix of  real history with  knows relations with vampirism. 

Nothing more to tell you about this bad film.

lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

Tina, my old dog travel to the heaven of the dogs

When I was 17 years -old, Tina came to my father's house, she is a little half-breed dog with white hair and black spots.

When Tina was a puppy, my mother beat her because Tina was pissed in everywhere  and she became a biter dog with all the people. In my family excepts my mother,  allowed us get close to her, but other people never allowed her, including her veterinary.

Since twenty years,some times,  my mother said  go her to pinfold but my father said no because he knew that Tina was a kind animal but she had a lot of fear from humans.

The last monday it's appear a little swelling in her paunch and when I saw her this last friday, this swelling was bigger and I said to my parents to go to her veterenary. Her veterenary telt me:

- Antonio,  Tina is very older, the operation is very dificult for her and the postoperative is very complicated because she is a very difficult to treat. To be honest, the best option for she is sacrifice.

It's so hard to be write this but I write this for the owners of dogs, they must know that they must treat well their dogs.

When Tintin, go to my house never bit him because I knew because Tina was this way.

jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

I have a problem

I have a problem, I like too much a PG game, this game is AGE OF EMPIRES 2, I know all the tricks

For example:

- lumberjack, to get 1000 units of wood.
- cheese steak jimmy's, to get 1000 units of food
- robin hood, to get 1000 units of gold
- How do you turn this on, to get a car with guns

and other more tricks.  But I spend may time play it when I must learn english .

But my problem  is very easy to solve, this friday  I'm going to go to Murcia to see my girlfriend and I'll deliver it for she doesn't leave me.

Today I watch on T.V, a new about a medicine called Talidomida. This news talk the spanish affected for this medicine that it provocated malformations when they was a fetuses, they will not charge compensation by judicial error.

I hope that news will be only a error and this bad fact will solve it pro affected.

miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

What are you doing?

This the question that I am  asking  myself now. Today  I haven´t made anything , I don't remeber anything.

For example, this morning I awake at 7:00 A.M.,  I had a breakfast made of a glass of milk and two slices of toast bread with olive oil and salt, over 7:30A.M I went to walk from los Dolores to Tentegorra to Las Escarihuelas to Roldan hill to village of Canters and back to my home in Los Dolores over 12 A.M.

When I went to my house, I toke a bath, after I cleaned my house and I cooked my  dish food,  I ate it and then I washed dishes. Yeah because this I didn't anything today I had played pc games during two hours.

After this I went to walk with Tintin, my dog,  over one and half hour, after I cook my dinner,  I washed dishes and I had begun study english when I remember  that I must write a entry of this post.  But I don't know what about I write, so I think  that I write about this  because I made today beacuse it a good exercise  for learn english.

See you tomorow

martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

Why do they prefer have pets before children?

While  I write this post, I am listening a program of BBC about the couple that they prefer have a pet before a children.

I think it depends where a couple live, in  Spain for example, there are many reasons for this,  I tell you a few:

- A big percentage of the salary of the couple, it spends to pay  the house where they live.
- A child when he go to school, he need books in anothers things, this books changes is very expensive around 300 €.
- When a couple divorce, if they have a child, one member ( usually the father) pays a pension to other member as the other countries of Europe, but in Spain, this drive to the person who pay the pension , go to bankruptcy because he  must continue to pay mortgage apart from pension although he doesn't live in the house who pay him.

But, what do you think?

lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

About spanish writers of SCi-FI

For a two year I met a woman who became a writer of sci-fi, then  I telt her:

- In Spain is very dificult became a famous a scifi writer.

But at the moment, I remenbered the names of Laura Gallego ( witchcraft) , Carlos Sisi ( Zombie), Juan Manuel Aguilera ( historic fantasy like as dystopia and fantasy), Rafael Marin ( fantasy), Rodolfo Marin ( dystopia and science fiction) and my countryman Gabriel Bermudez Castillo ( science fiction).

And then, I rectified myself, and I said:

- From the  sci-fi literature in spancish is very dificult win money.

- I try it, Antonio,  but I need your help, you help me to make Aidan, you has given me many tips.

- I will do,  if  I have  time.

This last month, this woman has telt me that she has finished virtually her novel.

Good luck  and congratulations Vanessa

domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

For three years and more.

For three years, I have walked for paht, roads, montains, forests, hill and some rivers.

Today I went to " Cortijo de Hondares" with a lot of people. We  walked along the river Alharabe until a abandoned building called Cortijo de Hondares.

This is track is very special for me. It is the first track what I walked with a group of persons called " El trote cochinero" and  " Haciendo Caminos" and I met a good friends who I walked with them for three years.

I enjoy with them.

sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014

Tintin is growing up

I have a dog, this dog is called Tintin, he is a bird dog. All the days, we go to walk around a fileds near my district, but it happens  that the instinct of hunt of Tintin  be awake by three wild rabbits. He go forward and once in a while he look mee as if he was asking for permission to go forward.

You can see this videos.

the begining

and the end

jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

Today, we talk about the cook food.

Yesterday, I talk with my friend Laura about to get pass the exam TOEIC with a score of 650 points.  She telt to me that she went to Wall Street Institute, for get pass this exam.

This afternoon I went to the Wall Street Institute, I wanted to know how much cost it, how long it, how to teach..... and after I talked with the teacher thats show me english in the Universidad Popular and she telt me there are two more academies in Cartagena more cheapier.

Also like Wall Street, she suggested me:

-- You must study all the days.

At last, when I got home from the Universidad Popular,  I see again a video what Gerardo, a good friend,  put in my facebook. the hidden message in the video tell that if you want win , you must be pride of yourself. and never surrender.

El tomate volador

miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2014

Corialano, the corrupts policemen and the watchmen

Along this day, I think about that I write today in this blog.  There are many themes in my mind  but one name   has originated, this name is Coriolano.

Who is Corialano?  Corialano was a general of Rome, he fought against Rome because he thought the people of Rome was tainted.

In my city, in march of  this year, it appear a killed man ,  months after,  the killers was discovered  and they are a policemen who think they are above the law.

In this two stories, there are a comun link, the  protagonists  are above of the law and they think that they make are good .

Who watch  the watchmen?

martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

A visit to Cehegin

 It all started by a post in a blog what I usually read somedays, it's called " los pies en la tierra". In this blog there are a post  that talk about a wildlife reserve in Cehegin a litle town in the north west of the Region de Murcia.  I read it and I wanted to visit this reserve, then  i teold my friends and we decided to visit it.

 This reserve is called Coto de las Maravillas. When we arrived,  we was susprised to see all the trees was green, after  the first rains since a year and half  of drought.

We walked along the path, between the trees,  listening the silence of the forest.

 In some places, there are banners like this which explain that you can watch in this reserve.
 Here is a photo of a footprint of a hart
  Here is a photo of a footprint of a badger.
  Here is a photo of a trail of  footprints of a hart in a dry creek.

 When we was in the top of the little hills, we look around and taht we saw was green and we liked because we from a desert country.
 Near of a path, we swa this tree, it was peeled because of harts rub their antlers against the trunks of the little trees to clean their antlers.
 Here, we saw a little house, It is abandoned refuge of rangers.
 Near of the Coto, there is abandoned mine of iron.
 After I visited Cehegin, I thinked what this town looks like Granada, but I was more surprised by one thing, It was always very clean,  more cleanest than Cartagena or Murcia.
 Here is a photo of a little sanctuary of the mother of Jesuschrist
 In this town, there are a great number of old houses of the century XV to XVII

 We ate a delicious food in a little tavern called La bodeguica. I recommend its cookery and the  good wine of Cañada de Canara that win several international awards.

 After we ate, we walked along the other part of the town what lacked vistit.

 When we came back to Cartagena, we brought the rain with us, and there was a flood in my city.

lunes, 13 de octubre de 2014

About a friend who write poetry.

A long time ago, in the planet Earth when Facebook was used for  meet people, not for play to Angry Birds, Farmville, or  anothers flash games.

At the time, un young and intellegent man  who meet people with  the same tastes, he used Facebook and he  met me.

We met us in a pub called " la Trainera", and we  talked about the comics, rol play games sci-fi and fantasy films. One day, he talked to me that he was a little poet, in his own word ( he said me in english) " a minor poet", then I thinked  this boy is very peculiar.

Our friendship was flowing, we talked about our tastes, until that a day that we went to cafe Ficciones to watch a poetry recital, in this moment I had a bad season, then I discovered the poetry like a therapy to  heal my soul.

From this day, I bought a poetry books of  poet that I listen in the cafe Ficciones, I wrote a poems in my blog, (this blog, ok).

From the meetings in cafe Ficciones, we went to the meetings with  Luis, el Lute and Gines, in  La Cañica, a pub in Los Dolores. In this meetings, we talk about clasical history, mobile technology, comics, books, ...this meetings was a like an intelectual paradise for me.

This friend that I write about him, he is called Jose Alfonso Perez Martinez, he is a kind, peculiar ( :) ) intelligent and clever person,  also he write a highly recommended blog called " por estar contigo".

Pepe, see you. ( nos vemos) when we want and can us.

domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Hereinafter, bye facebook, you dont are my blog

I started to write this blog in january of 2007, and two years after, in 2009 I began to write my Facebook. In this two years I wrote  almost everyday until  I began to write in my facebook because is most interactive but after a time  I think that everything  I write is own of facebook.

Then I went to make decision to write in my blog the most important happened in my life, during a time even the only person that watch this blog is only me because I was very sick of  questions of the persons about my love life.

Three years ago and two love relations failed, my life change 180 º,  in this time I  realized that  I accepted myself not by the other people. Then I stopped being a toy  in hands of the  people interested and  I began to enjoy  my life.

This previous time that I wrote was for me like a  personal earthquake, in this moment my mind was opnening  and news ways of thinking flowed to my mind.

See you

viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014

Tintin and the red partridges of Campillo de Adentro


 Today,  we went to  Campillo de Adentro where my father is a owner  of  lands .
 We are my father, Tintin and me.   We went to water the fruit trees and  to plant  lima beans that it is a  traditional farming in the country of Cartagena. The lima beans use in a traditional dish food of Cartagena called Michirones.

 When I finisehd to plant, I hike with Tintin along the little hills that are around Campillo de Adentro to see Tintin, the red partridges when the hunt season begin, he will ready.
When Tintin and me was a hill side,  a flock of partridges went flying  like a rockets. Tintin saw them and he saw me like ask me " what is it?"

Here I put a video of a  trek in Campillo de Adentro


jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

the sunflower seeds


While my microwave defrost a coked dish, I write about because I like eat sunflower salad seed. ...

Ok, I just eat my dish food and hanging clothes from de the washer and while I try write something I read a blog called "lospiesenlatierra", it is a blog about the wildlife of the south east of Spain.

The last post talk about wild sheep in Aguilas,  an eels find in a irrigation ditch near of Murcia and a little plant of Tallante ( my mother is from Tallante) a little village from Cartagena. Here I leave a video.

I know Maria Jose, who apear in the video.

miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2014

Al - Mudayna. Trail running or running along the country.

This past yesterdey, I went with my friends to participate in a race  along the hills of Caravaca de la Cruz,  in the north -west of Region de Murcia.
The race is very beautiful  and the people of the village of La Almudema is very kind.

 It is a race of trail running, as the same running along the country or mountains or deserts or any landscape of wilderness.

In my town, Cartagena, there is a hill that the trail runners and others people used to train in this sport. this mountain call " monte Roldan" but due to use this hill is very erored and is very dirty.

Somedays, the club of trekking of Cartagena organize days of cleanups where a lot of people go to cean the hill but even so after a few days,   the hill apear again very dirty contaminated by them to those who love nature.

More education and less competition.

martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Tintin, this is my dog

 This is Tintin, my dog. It is a kind dog.. Tintin is with me since december of 2013. Along four month I walk with him along the country. Until my friend, Fran telt me:

- Antonio, Tintin need meet others dogs,  to be social with dogs and other persons. Then Tintin will have not fear of the other dogs.

A day Tintin and me, went to the country where the other dogs of Fran and Fran friends' stayed.

 There was two boxers, one terranova, two german sheeperds, two greyhounds, a brithish stanford bull terrier and a beagle.  Tintin was afraid, and the others dogs smelt him, and then... he ran  and the other dogs ran and caught him, and fougth with him like he was their toy , when he can escaped from them and he ran to me.

So the days passed, and my litlle pointer get bigger and  faster until only the greyhounds caught him. the others dogs began respect him and play with him as an equal except a greyhound called Shiva. Shiva always caught a Tintin and  bit him in his neck. The owner of Shiva always said:
 " It's the way to play of my dog".
 Until yesterday, when I caught a Shiva when this in turn bitten Tintin and then Shiva cried and his owner said:

-  What do you doing? Why?
- Because is my dog and your dog bit him and you dont made anything and I am sick.
 -Also, Tintin could bit my Shiva.
- For six months, Tintin went here to play with others dogs and always he never bit any dog. I solve a solution for this problem. I go a other site for walk with my dog because you don't know teach your dog and you don't know another site  because of your lack of education.

Yesterday by the night when we  went back to home, for first time in a long time,  Tintin had playfulness.
Sometimes, I think that the worl is a better place to live if all the people have  how to behave with others.