lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

Tina, my old dog travel to the heaven of the dogs

When I was 17 years -old, Tina came to my father's house, she is a little half-breed dog with white hair and black spots.

When Tina was a puppy, my mother beat her because Tina was pissed in everywhere  and she became a biter dog with all the people. In my family excepts my mother,  allowed us get close to her, but other people never allowed her, including her veterinary.

Since twenty years,some times,  my mother said  go her to pinfold but my father said no because he knew that Tina was a kind animal but she had a lot of fear from humans.

The last monday it's appear a little swelling in her paunch and when I saw her this last friday, this swelling was bigger and I said to my parents to go to her veterenary. Her veterenary telt me:

- Antonio,  Tina is very older, the operation is very dificult for her and the postoperative is very complicated because she is a very difficult to treat. To be honest, the best option for she is sacrifice.

It's so hard to be write this but I write this for the owners of dogs, they must know that they must treat well their dogs.

When Tintin, go to my house never bit him because I knew because Tina was this way.

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