jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

I have a problem

I have a problem, I like too much a PG game, this game is AGE OF EMPIRES 2, I know all the tricks

For example:

- lumberjack, to get 1000 units of wood.
- cheese steak jimmy's, to get 1000 units of food
- robin hood, to get 1000 units of gold
- How do you turn this on, to get a car with guns

and other more tricks.  But I spend may time play it when I must learn english .

But my problem  is very easy to solve, this friday  I'm going to go to Murcia to see my girlfriend and I'll deliver it for she doesn't leave me.

Today I watch on T.V, a new about a medicine called Talidomida. This news talk the spanish affected for this medicine that it provocated malformations when they was a fetuses, they will not charge compensation by judicial error.

I hope that news will be only a error and this bad fact will solve it pro affected.

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