lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

About spanish writers of SCi-FI

For a two year I met a woman who became a writer of sci-fi, then  I telt her:

- In Spain is very dificult became a famous a scifi writer.

But at the moment, I remenbered the names of Laura Gallego ( witchcraft) , Carlos Sisi ( Zombie), Juan Manuel Aguilera ( historic fantasy like as dystopia and fantasy), Rafael Marin ( fantasy), Rodolfo Marin ( dystopia and science fiction) and my countryman Gabriel Bermudez Castillo ( science fiction).

And then, I rectified myself, and I said:

- From the  sci-fi literature in spancish is very dificult win money.

- I try it, Antonio,  but I need your help, you help me to make Aidan, you has given me many tips.

- I will do,  if  I have  time.

This last month, this woman has telt me that she has finished virtually her novel.

Good luck  and congratulations Vanessa

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