jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

El grial de los vampiros from Milos de Azaola

Yesterday, I finished reading the novel "The grial of vampires," a pulp novel where vampires are faced with a substance that becomes addicted and eventually kill them. In this looks wrapped Zimmer, leader of a clan of vampires in New York decides to end production of this substance and more is not just a story of drugs.

Milos gives an overview of different types of vampires and we show them in their natural habitat without boring descriptions, everything contrary novel is a fast, agile 400 pages I have been few, (Milos want a second part) and very entertaining excellent hangers of our cultural heritage.

I still remember when Milos was releasing chapters on your facebook, lei some but in the end I could not read all that work just eating my spare time.

A few weeks ago to buy it for 3 € in the publishing Sven Jorgensen in epub format and are the top 3 € spent on a book.

Congratulations Milos Azaola

El grial de los vampiros de Milos de Azaola

Ayer termine de leer la novela “El grial de los vampiros”, una novela pulp donde los vampiros se enfrentan a una sustancia que los vuelve adictos y que acaba por matarlos. En esto se ve envuelto Zimmer, líder de un clan de  vampiros en New York decide acabar con la producción de esta sustancia y mucho mas no solo es una historia de drogas.

Milos nos da un repaso a distintos tipos de vampiros y nos los muestra en su hábitat natural sin descripciones aburridas, todo lo contraria es una novela rápida, ágil las 400 paginas me han resultado pocas, (Milos quiero una segunda parte) muy divertida y con excelentes ganchos de nuestro acervo cultural.

Todavía me acuerdo de cuando Milos iba soltando capítulos en su facebook, lei algunos pero al final no pude leerlos todos porque el trabajo acabo comiéndose mi tiempo libre.

Hace unas semana lo compre por 3€ en la editorial Sven Jorgensen en formato epub,  y son los mejores 3 € gastados en un libro.

Enhorabuena Milos de Azaola

domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

An advice for hiking in Spain and other mediterraneans countries

And more than 65 years ago, a flood of  Rambla de la Bocaoria ( La Azohia - Cartagena -Spain)  took a cousin of my father with only five years, the story did not stop repeat me my father and my grandmother since I was kid.
Today the wind has changed "leveche" ( a wind from west)  a levante ( a wind from east)  in less than an hour and has dropped us a shower (that the same could have been a flurry of fat) when we descended from the Cabezo Negro ( a  volcan hill) de la Torre to Galifa the Rambla de la Fuente Vieja.

Somebody  were saying to go along the canyon, I've put in a bad character and I told them that along the canyon, NO, and have gone on the roads and paths until we reached Galifa.

Why should not go for a promenade where it is envisaged that it will rain or it is raining?

- Rocks, stones and the soil becomes slippery, that causes the ground slippery; this causes falls, sprains and strains may occur.

- This is the most important danger, the flood of a watercourse is very very fast and it can hardly escape, unfortunately, in the Cemeteries not have any reminder of who dies in an avenue because they are almost never found is.