jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

El grial de los vampiros from Milos de Azaola

Yesterday, I finished reading the novel "The grial of vampires," a pulp novel where vampires are faced with a substance that becomes addicted and eventually kill them. In this looks wrapped Zimmer, leader of a clan of vampires in New York decides to end production of this substance and more is not just a story of drugs.

Milos gives an overview of different types of vampires and we show them in their natural habitat without boring descriptions, everything contrary novel is a fast, agile 400 pages I have been few, (Milos want a second part) and very entertaining excellent hangers of our cultural heritage.

I still remember when Milos was releasing chapters on your facebook, lei some but in the end I could not read all that work just eating my spare time.

A few weeks ago to buy it for 3 € in the publishing Sven Jorgensen in epub format and are the top 3 € spent on a book.

Congratulations Milos Azaola
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