domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Hereinafter, bye facebook, you dont are my blog

I started to write this blog in january of 2007, and two years after, in 2009 I began to write my Facebook. In this two years I wrote  almost everyday until  I began to write in my facebook because is most interactive but after a time  I think that everything  I write is own of facebook.

Then I went to make decision to write in my blog the most important happened in my life, during a time even the only person that watch this blog is only me because I was very sick of  questions of the persons about my love life.

Three years ago and two love relations failed, my life change 180 º,  in this time I  realized that  I accepted myself not by the other people. Then I stopped being a toy  in hands of the  people interested and  I began to enjoy  my life.

This previous time that I wrote was for me like a  personal earthquake, in this moment my mind was opnening  and news ways of thinking flowed to my mind.

See you

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