martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Tintin, this is my dog

 This is Tintin, my dog. It is a kind dog.. Tintin is with me since december of 2013. Along four month I walk with him along the country. Until my friend, Fran telt me:

- Antonio, Tintin need meet others dogs,  to be social with dogs and other persons. Then Tintin will have not fear of the other dogs.

A day Tintin and me, went to the country where the other dogs of Fran and Fran friends' stayed.

 There was two boxers, one terranova, two german sheeperds, two greyhounds, a brithish stanford bull terrier and a beagle.  Tintin was afraid, and the others dogs smelt him, and then... he ran  and the other dogs ran and caught him, and fougth with him like he was their toy , when he can escaped from them and he ran to me.

So the days passed, and my litlle pointer get bigger and  faster until only the greyhounds caught him. the others dogs began respect him and play with him as an equal except a greyhound called Shiva. Shiva always caught a Tintin and  bit him in his neck. The owner of Shiva always said:
 " It's the way to play of my dog".
 Until yesterday, when I caught a Shiva when this in turn bitten Tintin and then Shiva cried and his owner said:

-  What do you doing? Why?
- Because is my dog and your dog bit him and you dont made anything and I am sick.
 -Also, Tintin could bit my Shiva.
- For six months, Tintin went here to play with others dogs and always he never bit any dog. I solve a solution for this problem. I go a other site for walk with my dog because you don't know teach your dog and you don't know another site  because of your lack of education.

Yesterday by the night when we  went back to home, for first time in a long time,  Tintin had playfulness.
Sometimes, I think that the worl is a better place to live if all the people have  how to behave with others.
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