viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014

Tintin and the red partridges of Campillo de Adentro


 Today,  we went to  Campillo de Adentro where my father is a owner  of  lands .
 We are my father, Tintin and me.   We went to water the fruit trees and  to plant  lima beans that it is a  traditional farming in the country of Cartagena. The lima beans use in a traditional dish food of Cartagena called Michirones.

 When I finisehd to plant, I hike with Tintin along the little hills that are around Campillo de Adentro to see Tintin, the red partridges when the hunt season begin, he will ready.
When Tintin and me was a hill side,  a flock of partridges went flying  like a rockets. Tintin saw them and he saw me like ask me " what is it?"

Here I put a video of a  trek in Campillo de Adentro

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