miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2014

Al - Mudayna. Trail running or running along the country.

This past yesterdey, I went with my friends to participate in a race  along the hills of Caravaca de la Cruz,  in the north -west of Region de Murcia.
The race is very beautiful  and the people of the village of La Almudema is very kind.

 It is a race of trail running, as the same running along the country or mountains or deserts or any landscape of wilderness.

In my town, Cartagena, there is a hill that the trail runners and others people used to train in this sport. this mountain call " monte Roldan" but due to use this hill is very erored and is very dirty.

Somedays, the club of trekking of Cartagena organize days of cleanups where a lot of people go to cean the hill but even so after a few days,   the hill apear again very dirty contaminated by them to those who love nature.

More education and less competition.
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