sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014

Why do you play to role play?

This is a long history, when I was 17 years old, I have talked with my cousin Andres about the novel Lord of the rings and he showm me a book  " el Señor de los anillos, juego de rol",  he telt me:

- My friends and me, we play this game this evening , Why do you go to watch us how to play it?

All the boys was around of a table with sheets of paper and dices, many dices. One of them was a warrior, "was" no, he played the rol of a warrior, he taled like a warrior, he tthought like a warrior,  and the other of them played other rols.

After this day, I play teh rol of vampire, vampire hunter, semi-godness, elve, dwarf, werewolf, pirate, imperial soldier of the god imperator, warrior,  thief,  rogue and mnay rol of characters.

Today, I play with the character of a pirate, with the terms of a  spanish  RPG   " Piratas".
One of things that I love of the RPG books is the big amount of informatión and descriptions that contains.

This video,  is more or less like a rol play party.

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