domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2014

A strange situation

This summer, Mj and me went to dinner at old town, we  walked along the old district and.. I remenber  that she told me:

- Antonio, Cartagena is full of cockroaches ( cucarachas),  why  doesn't the city council fumigate?

Everywhere she looked, there were  cukis ( cockroaches),  we walked street to street until we took a seat in  a bar near of the building of Hacienda in Medieras street.

When we took a seat, we called the waitress but waitress, a girl that looked a little angry,  she didn't look us and we had to wait about half an hour until a other girl go close us and aske us  the order. MJ told me:

- Antonio, if Cartagena is  half  empty, why  didn't  go to take the order?

While there was happening the owner, a woman,  looked us and she didn't  anything only talked with her friends in other table.

After this night, I felt bad because I am from of Cartagena and to Mj, the people of Cartagena look  like a  gang of shirkers.

past a week, I received in my facebook  a invitation to "give a like" for this bar. And I wrote my opinion  and  I describe that happened us .

A few days ago, the owner sent a message that  to try to fix it.

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